Thursday June the 06th, 2017, we are pleased to inform you that GenEvolutioN ® has relocated in news facilities on Porcheville’s site of PCAS in the industrial park of Limay-Porcheville. The idea of setting up of GenEvolutioN ® was in April, 2015. GenEvolutioN ® will be constituted by 3 companies “Prospective and Innovation” and   “Testing” SAS share capital 20 000 € each and  Cell Environment as partner. GenEvolutioN ® operates in the following business sectors:

  • research and development for Pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical companies
  • Health: personalized medicine, cellular therapy
  • Services for in vitro tests on the biological systems and cytogenetic analyzes
  • Scientific Consulting

GenEvolutioN ® advises in our strategy for the development of your compound -mixture, chemical, biological pharmaceutical, cosmetics or plant extracts in the evaluation of the safety, through our toxicology nonclinical expertise.


Isabelle Mouche :

Francis Finot :

Radhia M’Kacher :

GenEvolutioN ® are to improve the care of patients exposed to genotoxic agents, as well as to further develop personalized medical treatment by innovative approaches, and to propose our expertise in human cytogenetic  – in particular telomere quantification as biomarker, and iPS characterization  –  through its networks of highly qualified scientific partners  and to test xenobiotics toxicity.

 GenEvolutioN ®Laboratories : Zone industrielle de Limay-Porcheville, 2-8 Route de Rouen -78440 Porcheville France Téléphone : M +33(0)6-65-75-94-78,