Ames test

GenEvolutioN performs, Ames test for Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals industries, for pure compound, mixtures, plant extracts or impurities (ICH)

Ames test is the gold standard of the bacterial mutation test, well established in OECD 471 guideline.

However, Ames test could be performed using different methods, pre incubation, plate incorporation, micro suspension, in agar, miniaturized, ultra-miniaturized or in fluctuation (liquid form), treat & wash etc.

Micronucleus test

In vitro using whole blood (Human Lymphocyte) in compliance with OECD 487 or superseed by ICH guideline depending on the characteristics of test item. Also available for screening.  


Only 0,1 mg of test article for 5 OECD strains in 2 conditions with or without metabolic activation


Available only with GenEvolutioN

For screening



Sensitivity 85%
Specificity 91%
Accuracy 87%
Prediction for positive response 94%

Other services

Phototoxicity test

In compliance with OECD 432, on 3T3 cell line

CTA test

Under developing for detection of non genotoxic carcinogenic compound


Formulation Analysis

  • Are mandatory for GLP and regulatory studies 

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